Monday, August 17, 2009


"CHANEL!" I yelled.

"Channel??" asked my friend.

"Not not Channel, Chanel!" I answered. How could she not know who Chanel was???

Long pause....

"As in the designer? Coco Chanel?" I exclaimed! I was about to die. One of my best friends not knowing my favorite designer.

"Ohhhh!!! Chanel! With the quilted stuff! The one you talk about."

"Yeah, her."

This is a conversation between my friend and I. I was quite surprised that there was someone in the world that didn't know who Coco Chanel was. But then again, not everyone is as into fashion as I.

This might explain my icon, eh? So please don't ask me a question that I've already answered like "What is your icon about?" because honestly, would that make any sense.

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