Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soccer Boot Camp Day 2

Today I had soccer boot camp. Wasn't as hot as yesterday but definitely a good work out. You should have seen my face, it was as red as tomato on fire. We did all sorts of drills that really aren't that exciting but today for some odd reason, were. We did this one drill where you had a partner who was standing on an outside circle and you were standing on an inner circle. You would have to run to where your partner was standing touch the cone, move back like 3 steps, and then your partner would throw the ball to you and say what you had to use to get the ball back to them. You would not believe how many times I used my head. Wait, did that make any sense? Is anyone even listening? Am I just babbling on and on and on....

Okay well whether or not anyone is listening it was a fun day. :)

Wow, as I am proof reading this post I just realized how lame that tomato on fire thing was. Sorry.

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