Monday, August 17, 2009

Soccer Boot Camp

"I'm a Big Pink Puffy Teddy Bear! I'm A Big Pink Puffy Teddy Bear!" I yelled while jumping up in the air with my arms open wide on the soccer field. This was my punishment for loosing in soccer bowling. A game that I think my coach made up. You have to kick the ball at 6 pins (cones) and try to knock them down. First team to knock all the pins down wins. The winners then get to choose what team has to do the punishment of jumping up and down yelling "I'm a Big Pink Puffy Teddy Bear" to the whole camp. It just so happens that two of my best friends won. So can you guess who had to do the punishment? Me. But isn't that what friends are for?

Anyways, so this was a soccer boot camp to get in shape for soccer season. It was super hot today and I was dying! We played all kinds of games that involved a lot of running. So by the end you can imaging I was pretty tired. It was all worth it though. I enjoyed the camp. I will keep going back but some of my friends aren't wanting too. It was too tiring for them! Well watever. Just kidding! She is one of my best friends. Back to the subject: It was a really nice work out! I play offense. I love to score! I just get this rush, and so excited! Haha!


Lهvع said...

Well guess what. 'm too cool too be a PINK fluffy teddy bear. Im purple.... lol :)

djstar said...

Yes, because purple is cooler then pink. NOT