Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"Lets do facials!" I said to my friend. We were having a sleepover and couldn't think of anything to do. Yeah I know, what a fun sleepover when you can't think of anything to do and your just sitting there, bored out of your mind.

My friend looked hesitant, she isn't normally a facial, nails sorta girl. So I went on rambling about how fun it would be until she finally said,

"Okay, I'll do it."

So we went upstairs into my bathroom, got out all of the facial stuff. It was like 5 items, which might not seem like a lot but trust me, it can take a while (I always do a long relaxing facial). First we exfoliated our faces to get off the dead skin. You have to let the enzymes penetrate (no joke, thats what it said on back). Then we washed that off and put on the face mask. You know, the green stuff that makes you look like an alien. After we put that on, we had a wacky idea to go get cucumbers and put them on our eyes. They were really cold though. Brrrr.... The cucumbers are supposed to depuff your eyes, but it doesn't really work. It was fun anyway. Then we washed off our green skin and used a lotion. In the lotion though we put vitamin C. No I am not confused, thats really what your supposed to do. Then we sprayed this stuff on my face, I'm not sure what its called.

Don't think that we spent the whole time listening to nothing we of course had our music on.

Music Playlist:

Party in the U.S.A
Fire Burning
I Got a Feeling
Day and Night
Poker Face

That was all we had time for. But you should see our skin, its glowing! Haha.

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