Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Conversation about Volleyball

"Why didn't you try out for Volleyball?" I asked my friend.

"Uhhhhh... I don't know, I had a student council meeting that day." My friend replied hesitantly. This made me curious because I knew that my friend only had this meeting on Thursdays and the tryouts were Saturday.

"Oh, but I thought you meet with student council on Thursdays."

If you don't know me already I like to figure out what people are hiding. Its like a mission. To figure out why someone would lie about something so silly as why they didn't try out for volleyball.

"Ummm... did I say meeting? I meant..." She looked around the room for something to save her. "I meant bungie jumping!"

I looked around the room too, and there of course was a poster of someone bungie jumping with a heading that said "Don't be stupid". We were in school lunchroom and they put a lot of posters up in there. Insperational ones that they think work on kids, but of course, really don't. You know what else was funny? My friend was afraid of heights. Not even afraid, terrified. The most scared person I know. She gets nervous looking out of the classroom window on the third floor. Did you she really think I couldn't see behind her lies?

She must have known that I didn't believe it because she quickly said "Oh look at the time. I have to go upstairs for lunch! Bye!"

I still don't understand why a simply question like "Why didn't you try out for volleyball" would make a person go crazy and lie. But who really knows..

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